A night in the tree house: a romantic dinners for two and an experience for children

Best you remember all your life. Certainly the night in a tree. Form OF the action break the price, including breakfast...That's fantastic!

Just you, and Treehouse Křemílek nature in the big oak tree. My other half Surprise or exceptional experience and have a good night in the tree house. You prefer a house, breakfast with pulleys and will pull on the terrace. Enjoy a great experience in the big oak tree. accommodate organic production in a wooden house, located in the trees in the middle of the pasture of sheep.

Experience real contact with nature, you can observe the wild deer, or ambushing the fox. In the below you will graze sheep pasture and see the horses.

You enjoy the breakfast on the terrace of his house, when you hang up on the block and pull it up.

Sleep will be wonderful. In a bed and bunk house, all with a comfortable mattress. You light the Darkness style, which are the only artificial light source.

Every tree house has its own dry toilet (pour sawdust) and a normal hygiene, water regularly completes me. You classic is available in the social environment (the shower, washing, flushing toilet). Here's the price list.