The Wedding in the mill

Dearly beloved,

let me take you to the mill where Strnad mill you my wedding! This romantic rural place in love from the first moment. The mill is surrounded by beautiful nature, a pond and a farm with animals. Rule here a family atmosphere that makes you feel at home. I don't want to leave the mill... Picturesque rural environment, beautiful nature, birds singing and the sun, a mood of your wedding day. A mill of romantic surroundings offer many good opportunities for your wedding picture. We believe that for your wedding ceremony, the wedding reception in the mill.

Zour Kocman miller.

Your wedding and you plan on getting it away from the bustle of the city, in nature? Just for the wedding place Strnadovský windmill, which is in the middle of a valley near Sedlčan at the middle and southern Bohemia. Located in beautiful and romantic nature, which recalls the foothills of Šumava.

Comfortably in one place

The wedding in the great advantage is that you have everything in one place: the wedding ceremony, we have your God and your guests. The Romantic rural environment, nature, birds singing and the sun, the originality of your wedding day. The mill is ideal for medium to large weddings (40 to 120 people) and your wedding can take without restrictions.

Wedding ceremony

One of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony is the wedding day. Us you can have your wedding ceremony near the pond, in the picturesque Old Mlýnice, or cut into the shape of a heart. Which is, as you witness your charm and entry into married life.

The Strnad mill the advantage is that our lands are covered by two registers, which increases the likelihood that you have chosen the term available. In addition, it is recommended that the minister as priests non-traditional alternative, you may move, but not only, but it's definitely an unforgettable experience for you and guests.

Wedding reception

In a warm, sunny weather can be your wedding feast on fresh air (outdoor roof can finish). In the really bad weather might relocate to space Mlýnice.

Wedding reception may be served or Raut, tailored to your wishes. Commonplace wedding menu, prepared exactly as your ideas.

Our staff will do everything to Strnad mill on my wedding day to remember with the love.

More wedding service

We know how the wedding is and how hard it is to get a good quality contacts who can help you with its implementation. Can you give proven contacts:

  • for coordination for the design and production of original wedding notification,
  • a pastry chef on fire that grants every wish,
  • a professional wedding photographer and cameraman,
  • wedding dress salon,
  • florist and others...

Entertainment and the accompanying programme

We want you to feel in his day. - So, if you want to, and we will help you to ensure that accompanying programme. Want a ride in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. You Líbily to vintage cars. Looking for a wedding band? Dance performances for your wedding guests? Or do you have another secret? Don't ask us...

A water turbine and a tour of the prison Francisovu schedule even at midnight... O children has been taken care of. The sandbox is available, paddling, swimming pool, trampoline, or internal playroom...