Pricing programs

Activity Total 
Day on the Farm 1.150 CZK 
Day in horses - guide, bus 3.000 CZK
The fish is a fish - bus 3.500 CZK
What do they eat animals on the farm and in the forest 1.600 CZK
The educational path 4.000 CZK
Night expedition 1.600 CZK
And now we are animals 1.500 CZK
Goat Farm, bus 3.300 CZK
Day for cows     600 CZK
Eyes, ears, hands 1.500 CZK
Forest to forest 1.700 CZK
Endangered animals – Bus 2.800 CZK
Animals that sleep in the winter and spring again have a day to 1.800 CZK
There once was a flower 1.600 CZK

Prices for schools

Childrengarten and 1st and 2nd Class are over 299 CZK / night, 3rd class 5 - under 333 CZK / night , from 6.class for 355 CZK / night. 10 children at one supervision Free 5 x days food, drinks included. Supernumerary adult pays the price of 395 CZK. Discounted rates apply to 15.7.v each year and from 15.9.


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