Programs under the roof

Animals that sleep in the winter and spring again, a day nursery school

Who likes winter and one summer? Which animals can happily use winter fun and that on the contrary the whole winter nap? It all children learn from a specialist who is involved and be able to think and argue that animals have what habits.

And now they are animals childrengarten

How does a dog? Which pet moo? Who falls asleep for the winter? Grumbles just an old grouch? Simple games, entertaining way to learn or practice their knowledge with children from the animal world. This program will train engaging way with children as well as their motor skills and teaches them to work together in a team without any shame. Children can ask questions and specialist them they will respond in a simplified manner. On request of the inside and out.

There once was a flower first to fourth grade

Children learn to recognize basic Czech flowers and trees, explaining the concept of photosynthesis of plants and important functions for our existence. Creating small herbarium of dried flowers.

I eat healthy and with taste 3rd class

Determining what is and is not healthy. Children using specialist planning meals for the day. Using a microscope discovers what lies in their tea, it is not well preserved and packaged. Playing on the bacteria themselves come on how to deal with food to stay healthy.

Christmas 3rd-5th grade

Pupils discover what we really mean for Advent. They discover their real needs and differences in their perception of different people. It produces its own gift and also learn to give and receive. Together, they create a pleasant atmosphere. They understand the true meaning of Christmas.

In the shopping cart 3rd-5th grade

Pupils discuss about what influences their choice when shopping. On the product packaging are taught to seek relevant information needed to economical shopping. Compiled product life cycle and estimate its impact. Familiarize themselves with brands Organic and Fair Trade and inventing arguments for careful shopping.

Water World

3rd-5th grade

Pupils wander along the creek, a narrative gradually acquainted with its meaning and functioning of the past and today. Perceive the stream and its surroundings different senses, on the basis that derive, what is the human impact on the creek. In groups complete map of the various factors and discuss them. Sami suggest what they can do for a healthier creek.

6th-8th grade

Pupils wander as a scientific team landscapes along the creek and watching his environment. In doing so, measure, examine and determine the quality of water by biomarkers, temperature and water transparency. Reveal the human influences on water quality and are looking for ways to pollute less water in your area.


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