Planning a wedding, and want to enjoy it far away from the bustle of the city, in peace, in nature? Now it will be the perfect wedding spot Strnadovský mill, surrounded by a picturesque valley near Sedlčan, on the border of Central and South Bohemia.

It located in a beautiful and romantic landscape, whose character reminds Šumava foothills and that is why it is a frequent destination for both parents and children, but also couples in love.

Ideal conditions for a wedding in nature

Strnadovský mill offers ideal conditions for a wedding in the countryside. If the same way as we love the country, you are excited from the first moment. The mill is surrounded by beautiful and romantic nature, a pond and a farm full of animals and spring new small increments.

There are many beautiful places to take photos of original and romantic wedding photos. Strnadovský wedding mill is a place that will enchant you and for your wedding in the country will be the clear favorite.

Wedding at the mill

Wedding in the mill has recently been increasingly popular and sought after. The big advantage is that the spouses have everything in one place and do not have to worry about where they will have a wedding ceremony and reception where guests accommodated. Wedding on a farm, respectively. at the mill, thus it has many advantages.

Romantic rural surroundings, the beautiful surrounding countryside, birds singing and the sun is shining, all highlight the originality of your wedding day. In Strnadovský mill can have your wedding ceremony on the bank of a pond, in a ceremonial room in the Old Mill or at the mill wheel.

It's up to you which location you are most fascinate and becomes the witness of your entry into the common conjugal life.

Wedding reception on the farm

If you have already chosen for her wedding to mill some of the ritual places, comes the wedding reception. Due to the large area of the mill, you can choose several options, but it also depends on the weather.

In warm and sunny weather will make your wedding reception outdoors in the fresh air (outdoor enclosure can be arranged). When the weather is really bad you can possibly move inside the mill. Strnadovského mill staff will do everything they can to have their wedding ceremony, the wedding party and the entire stay at the mill properly enjoyed.