Inside the Main Building of the Strnadov Mill you can sit in the cozy restaurant room. The restaurant is open all year round and is open daily from 11am (excluding the days when private events are taking place in the complex).

Breakfast is also served in these rooms.


The entrance is at first glance a garden with 30 seats . If you want to get the available operation is required, this requirement to give prior notice of the staff restaurant. In the garden area you can smoke, of course, it is necessary to take into account the children and other guests.

From the garden you will see your children how to frolic on the trampoline, sandbox and swings, and adore animals.

Children's playroom

If the weather does not deserve outdoor activities, your kids can dart in a children's playroom. There is available great playgrounds, party games, crayons and coloring pages and other game elements.

Strnadovský mlýn v Sedlčanech hodnocení