Prices Of Services

Accommodation in pension

  • The main building - "Barn": 6 2-3 bed rooms with own bathroom, bath and massage showers, very brisk connect to wi-fi
  • The total capacity of the main building ("Barns")
  • 16 beds Accessory building - "Basta": 4 rooms - 4 bedrooms in the attic and disabled 2 bedroom apartment for up to 8 people on the ground floor, all with private bathrooms.
  • The total capacity of the adjacent building ("Basta") 24 beds.
  • Price includes recreation fee, towels and toiletries.

Barn and Basta - Main and secondary buildings
Basic price 1.night - Adult 490 CZK
Children up to 15 years 390 CZK
Babies and children under 3 years free
Dog 70 CZK
Longer-term accommodation - from 2.nights - Adult 365 CZK
Longer-term accommodation - from 2.nights - Children 290 CZK
Single room 640 CZK

Accommodation in an Old mill

Exceptional space for special occasions.

Flour- room
Mill room (Double + 1 + 1 beds) 1.360 / night and room
Mill - Hall and duplex
Mill - duplex for accommodation of 10 persons, including bedding and daily use the hall for activities (only for non-profit projects, capacity can be expanded). 3.200 / night

Diet stays within

Breakfast buffet. Lunch: two - course menu - soup, finished meal. Dinner finished meal possibly the minute according to the previous agreement. Dietary and vegerariánská menu according to the agreement, children's menu.

Adults: Children up to 15 years
Breakfast 75 CZK 65 CZK
Half board 175 CZK 145 CZK
Full board 275 CZK 215 CZK

Non-profit organizations , school personnel , a large group

Stays of more than 30 persons, accommodation in the main and annexe ai respectively . Mill repeated trips and always for a minimum of two nights.

Breakfast with half board full board
Adults 370 CZK 440 CZK 530 CZK
Children under 15 years 335 CZK 390 CZK 460 CZK

Schools and childrengartens in nature

Valid for the period January to June and from September to December , for max . 50 persons , including surveillance , valid for 6-day stay ( 5 nights) including full board , non - Fri For longer or shorter stays - individual trips costing.

Chilldrengarten and 1st - 2nd class 3rd to 5th class 6. - 9. class and secondary 1st year
299 CZK per night 333 CZK per night 355 CZK per night

For every 10 paying children 1 adult accompaniment free supernumerary teachers paid a discounted price of 395 CZK / night with full board . The price includes accommodation, full board + drinking . Meals for children 5 times a day + drink (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner) , secondary only 3 times daily + drinking , maybe a second dinner. During the week barbecue - grilling sausages on fire. Programs for children with animals, trips according to the order. Can provide cheap transport - bus at a cost of 19 CZK / km, the mean distance from Prague is 80 km . Otherwise it can be transported by train with collection of suitcases from the train.

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