Sport Activity

You can try a range of sports activities - all from us you can try: Beach Volleyball, classic volleyball, beach-tennis, bowls, croquet.

We have two grass volleyball, football, beach playground with a 30 cm layer of sand quality standard dimensions for beach volleyball and beach tennis, the surrounding grassy areas are suitable for pétanque and croquet. These sports equipment to rent, including any instruction.

Finnish saun

On the shore of the pond we have a sauna with relaxation. Finnish sauna characterized by being dry and moistening takes place by pouring hot stones. When renovating we can organize a ritual ... Frosted stones fragrant essences according to ... Cooling is performed according to priority period in a pond in winter with carved hole in the ice with a wooden ladder. In warmer periods even in the shower. The sauna can fit 10 people.


Do you love horses? Do you want to learn to ride? We will teach you that! After graduating from basic riding lessons under supervision we can go into the countryside. Provided you can, we try to you, and go for a ride. The world looks best from the saddle.

A pond and a swimming pool

A bathing pond is up to 3.5 meters deep. In the summer, we usually bathed in winter and finally - in the sauna ... It flow, so it's quite cold water, and a few fishermen fish it can catch. Rather, it is about fish that are prone to water purity, as zander, perch and pike ... In the summer guests, especially for children, in addition we have a natural swimming pool and courtyard.


There are more than 100 km of marked trails leading through the interesting area using the roads, field and forest roads and paths. Right around Vršovic passes as the international cycling route Prague - Vienna, created under the project "Greenways - Greenways". We have maps of the area and the many recommendations of where to go and where not to ... with small wheels service will also help ... glue, centers, inflate ... deliver ...

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