Object Of The Mill

The Old Mill

The old mill his old age beyond the printed records from the 16th century. Main compartment Mill - Hall on the 1st floor with a storied gallery and a fireplace you can feel the original wooden beams and stone walls. It is a space designed especially for cultural and social and sporting events, including weddings, but also the possible accommodation on a specially hinged beds Mill is truly magical space. Modern bathroom facilities on the ground floor of the building. Capacity up to 100 people according to the way the use of 70 persons to the board, more than 10 people (capacity can expand) for accommodation.

Bread Oven

The Strnadovský mill after 10 years can discover treasures... In the fall of 2011, we discovered a walled furnace wall under the stairs of the old mill. It is unusual and valuable because we have so long remained secret. After minor building alterations in them occasionally in spring 2012 and to order bake homemade rolls, pretzels and bread. All in the furnace which is cleverly done as a smokehouse, while bake meat from our farm.

Saw Katr-in

Francis turbine

Until 1945, there are mill wheels. In 1946, Miller bought and let Micah install modern for its time Francis turbine.

First turbine serves to drive transmissions, and therefore the entire mill, then to generate energy synchronous motors. Today, only serves to sample produce energy and an occasional drive First Republic Card..

Strnadovský pond

The facility includes a pond 2600 square meters and over 500 meters long drive. It is an artificially created pond from the time of formation of the mill, therefore, at least to the 15th century. Pond since ancient times used to drive the mill in 1945, there was waterwheels and 1946 is replaced by Francis turbine. The pond is also used for bathing and in winter, cooling in the sauna (on the bank of the pond is a Finnish sauna). Every year in the fall is done harvesting pond , which usually jammed a lot of nice pike, perch, crucian carp, here and there, or amur carp and often even zander, which thrive only in clean, cold water. On the pond was spotted very threatened legally protected kingfisher .


Staying at our mill is staying at environmentally clean country. To affiliated farm breed horses, sheep, goats, grazing piggy Minnesota, home (pink) pigs, geese and other domestic animals. Livestock give us not only happy, but also useful. Every year in the spring, our guests can enjoy the additions of sheep - cute lambs, and later even coy and keep piglets from grazing pigs, which stand out for their incredible cleverness and ingenuity to escape from pens for better grazing. Riding lessons, then captivate not only children but also their parents...For the more experienced can take trips into the field.

For our children and adult guests we organize walks and tours on our farm according to different occasions. Within agrotourism stays can participate in farm chores - feeding, cleaning and care of animals. Most often in autumn and winter there are various tastings and banquets products of our economy. You can taste lamb and pork, fish from the catch. Raw materials are processed so that taste great homemade sausage and black pudding, haggis, greaves, lard, soups, homemade pâté and other specialties. However, our production is limited, because these specialties is a year-round.

Also our garden we limited offers a range of foods for our food like garlic, onions, chives, carrots, radishes, tomatoes ... a herb garden for tea and spices normally use marigold, horsetail, plantain, mint, lemon balm, nettle, elderberry, sage, basil, marjoram and thyme...

Fruits like raspberries, cherries, apples and pears, elderberries are also around to achieve and so we have our homemade juice, elderberry juice and liqueur, juice, etc. cedronella.

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