Region pies from Jakub Krčín from Jelčan and Sedlčan (Sedlčansko)

Jakub Krčín bought 20 January 1580 Sedlčany and Křepenice with the respective villages. Gradually he bought other villages and became so after Lobkovice richest lord in the whole country. He built a fortress in Křepenice and Obděnice lock and based on all their farms ponds. He was also a patron of 4 churches. He died in 1604, leaving his 5 daughters.

At the end of the 19th century, this region avoided railway, which meant that there was virtually no industry did not develop. Nature in Jesenické lowlands on the border Votická Highlands (Czech Siberia) and Březnická hills was preserved in very good condition. Ecological and demographic balance of the environment is therefore a prerequisite for a peaceful and clean environment suitable for almost all forms of recreation.

For local township around Sedlec-Prčice is also being called Czech Meran. Its picturesque hills actually form a closed circle in which the valley is Strnadovský mill. From a nearby hill Strnadského can be seen around the surrounding hills. You can see up to the ski resort Monínec (in winter enlightened slope), and every year on New Year's memorable largest fireworks display, which can be seen when.

Notable buildings, exhibitions and attractions in the area

  • originally a Gothic church of the Holy Trinity with a tower from r. 1617 and the ground floor of the rectory r. 1754 in Jesenice
  • very nice newly renovated Calvary Church of the Holy Trinity 2 kilometers
  • Menagerie ruined castle overlooking the countryside. This place often visited and KH Mácha - 5 km
  • RKS unique handheld devices from r. 1974 mediating via satellite television and the telephone connection to the whole world "Another controversial SATELLITES" - 2km away
  • Prčice - St. Lawrence, castle, monastery, fountain, a Jewish cemetery, the famous Prague - Prčice since 1966 (passed around the mill) - 4 km
  • Sedlec - St. Jerome reg. Exposure Czech Meran - 4 km
  • High Chlumec - castle and brewery Lobkowicz accessible Lords 1 year or brewery by appointment - 10 km
  • High Chlumec - outdoor museum village 12 km struction
  • Lock Red Castle - originally a water fortress in the 19th century neo-Gothic rebuilt - Castle Park - 8 km
  • Vrchotice - alderman fortress - sport fishing - 10 km ..... Stone Lhota - chateau - stayed there and Oskar Nedbal - 15 km
  • Kamenná Lhota - zámeček - pobýval v něm i Oskar Nedbal - 15 km
  • Sedlčany - originally early Gothic church. Martina from the late 13th century, the town museum, founded in 1894, the observatory - 9 km
  • Old Castle - castle ruins Borotín - 15 km
  • Jistebnice - Gothic New castle, manor house, fountain - 16 km
  • Chýnov - Slavníkovský Castle - one of the oldest in the Czech Republic - 18 km
  • Chýnov cave - National přír. Landmark - Czech deepest and second largest cave in the Czech Republic - 25 km
  • Monínec in 2010, the new ski resort in alpine style, 1200 m slope, the 4-person chair lift 7 km
  • Cunkov - Hucul horses, bison
  • Alenina Lhota - Devil's Golf Course load
  • Petrovice - Region stones and menhirs known is rocking stone pulpit Hus 20 km
  • Cave near Petrovic - Divišova cave
  • Windmill at Sedlčan
  • Křepenice - fortress pies from Jelčany and Selčan
  • Albert rocks


Strnadovský mlýn v Sedlčanech hodnocení