School Trips with Accommodation

School trips are not just recreation . Sense school trips must be understood on several levels.

An ideal place for school trips

Since the beginning of the mill reopening Strnadovského environment is adapted for stays of children within schools. We specialize in large programs so that children spend most of their time in the fresh air, along with the animals, which can be found at the mill really blessed. Thematic and educational programs for schools.

Tematické a naučné programy pro školy v přírodě

The most commonly used are:
Farm Life“, „The horse farm“, „A Day at the cows“, „Nature Trail

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The general benefits of school trips:

  • Stay and movement of children in a healthy environment
  • or if in the wild improve health and improved physical fitness
  • improving communication skills
  • getting to know yourself and others under other circumstances and in a different environment than at school
  • promote independence more intensive use of the senses and their improvement
  • the opportunity to experience a new and different sense of accomplishment
  • the possibility of rapture pupils and teachers from everyday stereotypes , worries , eventually . issues development of learning
  • and working in different environments and under different circumstances than in classrooms
  • opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other outside of school
  • deepening of relations between pupils
  • deepening of relations between student and teacher
  • deepening relationships among teachers overall compaction team
  • the possibility of combining activities of students of different ages

For our children will experience true harmony with nature

You will find a number of options , both within schools in the countryside enjoy free time with the children.

  • Sandpit,
  • swings,
  • trampoline,
  • an indoor playroom,
  • beach volleyball,
  • turf field,
  • swimming pond,
  • sauna,
  • summer pool.

On what animals the kids to school in nature can look forward to?

The truth is that animals we gradually multiply. Every spring here the kids will see new babies.

Animals that live with us.

  • Dog Sid,
  • Cat Cracker, Majda, Bombík, Dragon, Goose,
  • Vera and Gustav Husak,
  • ducks,
  • pasture piggy,
  • Horses Jolis and Montenegro Ventus, or if the Joker and Montenegro,
  • 3 flocks of sheep with lambs (qusantské, heather and suffolk)
  • Goats and litlle goats…

The new space with a hall

The Old mill created a new space with a hall, which can accommodate comfortably a minimum of 60 people to the table and maisonettes can sleep more than 10 people on a stylish bed suspended on chains. Total capacity is 49 seats.

Transport for us may not be consuming

From your school, we are able to provide bus transportation, but we have verified that traveling by train or public bus is not only extremely economical financial effect, but also the children immensely fun. Transportation by train is safe and at the commencement of Smíchov and the main railway station and fast. Collection from the train to the mill by appointment gladly arrange.

Trips around

Trips within a radius of 30 km by bus at a truly affordable price 26 CZK / km, minibus to 22 people even from 19 CZK / km.

Meals for school trips

We expect food quality as a mother, or rather from his grandmother. Service staff will take care of food for the youngest children.

Rotas for schools

Preferred spring runs of the year: Sunday - Friday, Monday - Friday, or individually agree a satisfactory term. They may also stay in the winter. Nearby is the ski slope Monínec. For staying with us, we guarantee delivery of tickets.

Prices of schools in nature

Discounted rates are from 1.2 to 7.15 and from 15.9. to 12.23 in the calendar year.

School groups max. 50 persons including supervision

Valid for the period January to June and October to December, 5, and 6-day stays
Kindergarten and 1st-2nd Class 299 CZK / night
3-class 5 333 CZK / night
6th 9.class and secondary 1st year 355 CZK / night

For every 10 paying children 1 adult accompaniment for free.
Supernumerary teachers paid a discounted price of 395 CZK.

The price includes accommodation, full board + drinking.
Meals for children 5 times a day + drink (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner) High School.
+ 3x daily diet drinks, are also possible second dinner.

During the week, grilling and roasting sausages on the fire.
Programs for children with animals, trips according to the order.

Can provide cheap transport - bus at a cost of 17 CZK / km, the distance from Prague is about 80 km. Otherwise it can be transported by train with collection of suitcases from the train.


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